So… I DID IT!!!

So…  LOTS of my friends have blogs…  I want a blog!! I say.  Well here it goes!

Did your mother ever tell you to “learn something new each day”??  Or your Father?  Or your third grade English teacher??? ANYBODY!!??!!?  Well, that’s what we are going to do here folks!!  I believe STRONGLY in this little rule!!!

**Did you have a REALLY junky day??!?  ALWAYS take something from that day to make sure the next one is better!!

**Did you have an EXCELLENT day?!!?  GREAT!!  Remember it and try to repeat it again tomorrow!!!

McCRAZY Daily Lessons will be focused on a “Daily Lesson”…from the McCrazy house…  🙂  This could DEFINITELY get interesting…

Like take today for example.  🙂   ***LESSON:  The not so tightly sealed paint can on top of the dryer is NOT high enough OR secure enough to keep your 3 year old and your 22 month old out of it and from trying to “help you” paint the walls….***


Enough said.

Check back for TOMORROW’s McCRAZY DAILY LESSON!!!   😉

4 thoughts on “So… I DID IT!!!

  1. Oh my goodness! I love this. LOL I like the idea you have about the daily lesson. I’m following you now so I am looking forward to reading more and learning more lessons with the McCrazys 😉

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