Try New Things!!!


Something I have learned VERY well in recent years is that there is a WHOLE BIG WORLD out there!!!  It’s amazing the things we DON’T know!!    And if we never venture, we will NEVER know…

Prior to having my boys I was NOT a people person.  Didn’t really like them much at all.  I got a long with EVERYONE, but if it were up to me I would just stay home and hermit!!!   That may not be 100% true though…let me see…  I LOVED to be around people, but I never knew what to say or how to act.  So, I guess what it really was, was that it was MUCH easier to just stay home.  🙂  In my comfort zone…  Nice and cozy there!

If people wanted to venture into my world that was ok…  As long as they were accompanied by someone familiar!!  One very memorable experience was when my DARLING husband agreed to watch a “friend’s” dog.  I “” the friend because he barely knew these people and I had NEVER met them.  When they came to drop the dog off I was inside the house.  Before I could get myself together and out to my husband’s side HE SENT HER INSIDE THE HOUSE TO ME!  What was he thinking!!!??!  What do I say??!??  Shall we just sit and stare at each other?!?!?!!  I have NO idea where to even begin with a stranger!!!  —This girl became one of my BEST friends!  Just imagine if my husband had not sent that poor girl into MY comfort zone….  (I say poor girl, because we later talked abut that first visit and I, apparently, did not hide my dislike for her invading my “space” very well…)

It was after I had my first child I decided I didn’t want my kids to be like me.  I wanted them to get out early and meet friends and play and hang out!!  So I started my journey.  I joined a moms group…   Walking in that first day and talking to COMPLETE strangers was QUITE the nerve racking experience…  Little me, who turns bright red at the drop of a hat, out visiting with strangers…  What do I say; what do I take with me; should I even show up???   At least there would be LOTS of people visiting so there wouldn’t be any just staring at each other this time!!!  —THIS group of women, plus a  few more, became a GREAT group of friends. Our kids grew together; our relationships grew together and our mothering experiences bonded us.  What would have happened had I NOT took that first step and those WONDERFUL women would not have let me in!??!

Our latest move has been a LOT less stressful due to all my hard work the prior 2 1/2 years.  I have came a LONG way!  We made friends immediately…  It’s still a little awkward, but NOTHING compared to pre-child days!!  I joined a moms group and we started going to church.  Within a few months bonds were being made.  SO great to have all this SO fast!

This whole story came about today because this evening I picked up our French Exchange Student!!  She came last July for one month and had asked to return this spring for a two week visit!  She’s so fun and a great joy to be around.  The kids love her and she plays SO well with them.  THIS is definitely something I would have never considered.  Not even prior to moving to our new home. I can’t imagine not having our new french friend now!! 🙂

Everyday is a journey and we HAVE to make the best of it!  We are only here a little while and there is a LOT to do!!  SO, get out there and do it!!  I would have missed out on SO much over the past few years had I not CHOSE to change my thinking.  It’s all a choice!  We just have to jump out of our comfort zones and SEE THE WORLD!!!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
― Neale Donald Walsch***

I challenge all of you to jump out this week!!  Talk to a stranger!!  GO to an event!!!  Volunteer for VBS!  (EEK!!)

3 thoughts on “Try New Things!!!

  1. I really enjoy this blog because I can relate to it so well. I was the same way as you. Heck, I still am in some ways but right now I am learning to jump out of my comfort zone and try.. because it might be hard but it would be even harder to be alone and not get to experience all those great friendships. I still have a lot to work on bc there are still many days I would like to stay a hermit but I have to tell myself just to get out there. Your GREAT at blogging! I love reading your stuff! 🙂

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