Bad Parenting?

It’s a topic that has been on my mind quite a bit lately.  I talk about it to various people, but I rarely ask their opinion.  Most of them tell me what they think, and it is, usually, somewhat inline with what I am saying.  So, are they being truthful or agreeable??

Real test time!  😉


Derek bit a graham cracker into the, somewhat, shape of a gun.  He, then, proceeded to pretend shoot his brother.  They both laughed and moved on.

Derek starts real, live, public school in a little over a year.  This worries me.  Where we come from guns are guns.  Boys, and some girls, learn to use and hunt with them.  They play cowboys and indians.  They are taught how to safely use guns, and that real guns are not toys to be played with.

We do not stop the boys from playing.  They know that you only shoot bad guys or animals.  They do not touch the real guns, but they have at least a handful of toy guns.  This causes me no concern.  

What causes me concern is schools kicking children out for using their imagination.  We reward that in our house.  

What causes me concern is schools kicking kids out for wearing shirts that state their amendment rights.  That is applauded at our house.  Many people fought for us to have those rights.

I am also hearing nonsense about in school suspension for kissing girls in the hall…  REALLY!!??!  These are the big concerns of the world??  Things like kissing girls, NRA shirts, and pastry guns are what we worry about in school???

I REALLY hope this book thing works out, because I have a feeling I am going to be spending a LOT of time at school with the boys…

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: ???  What do you think it is?***


Author to Be!!

So, blogging being my newest and greatest, I have begun writing two books!!  🙂  This is not a new idea.  I told my husband, just the other day, that I had started, oh let’s see…  three or so books in the past.  I had just never shared the idea before.  😉  I didn’t plan to share it now; I just needed a Blog topic for the day!  lol!


I am an LPN, (for those of you who don’t know).  I worked, mostly, in geriatrics.  I am good at it.  I loved them, and they loved me.  I only quit nursing because I had my boys.  I wanted to be able to raise my own babies.  We weren’t sure if it would work out, but it did.  Here we are three and a half years later.  🙂

In high school I wanted to be an interior designer.  People said that was totally awesome, and then, they proceeded to tell me how hard that would be to get into.  I decided not to try it.  I didn’t really know WHAT to do, until my second year of college…  I had been working in an assisted living facility, and I decided I would go to school to be a nurse.  I liked the people, but wanted to get paid more.  Then I got married and moved to Cali.  I ended up doing LPN school there, since nursing, of course, made TOTAL sense then.  With my husband moving all the time, I could always find a nursing job!

Back to present day…

Stemming from the creative “I want be an interior designer” side of me, I have had an extensive list of career change choices since having the kids. I wanted to be a cake decorator, a photographer, a wedding planner, and a florist.  At one point, I was going to have a business to do them all.  That’s me!  Instead of picking a focus, I want to DO IT ALL!!!!

So, as I said, I am now going to be an author.  I have three non fiction ideas, and one fiction idea.  I have started one non fiction book and I have brainstormed the fiction book.  

We will see how it goes I guess.  😉  

If anyone has any advice out there, PLEASE, feel free to comment!!!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Follow your dreams; whatever they may be.  You’ll be happier, AND it will save a lot of time and money.  😉 ***  

And now I have a writing friend!

Future Barber

Last week, I was told by my three year old that my two year old’s hair was too long, and it needed cut.  All this as he’s swiping safety scissors across Carter’s head!!  I take the scissors and look…  He’s already gotten a chunk…



It’s a BIT more impressive when the hair is wet…

Daddy spoke to Derek, in length, regarding scissor use, and that he is not to cut anyone’s hair…  IN LENGTH…

A few days later, Derek comes to us saying that his bangs are too long, and he must cut them.  Daddy, again, explains scissor use and that he doesn’t cut hair (or anything else without permission).  Besides, Daddy JUST cut his hair; his bangs were fine!

He was on and on about his bangs being too long, but he finally gave up…


Derek was playing in the living room with Carter.  Then, I noticed an eerie quietness fill the room.  I say, “Derek, what are you doing buddy?”  

Out from behind the couch he comes.  Scissors in one hand.  The other hand in cup form.  “I had to cut these; they were too long” he tells me.


Sure enough…bangs are missing.  Just some though…  Here and there…

Honestly, not that bad unless I comb them down straight.  


***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Mini  future barbers are VERY determined to fulfill their life purpose…  BE AWARE!*** 

Kick the Yuckies Out and Replace Them With Yippees!!!

I told a friend this today.  🙂  It just CAME to me!!  LOL!!  Thanks to my book!!

“The 4:8 Principle” by Tommy Newberry.  🙂  (In case I haven’t mentioned it.)  🙂

Two things:  

                1) WE control our thoughts.

                2) You cannot have a happy thought and FEEL miserable…




***McCrazy DAily Lesson: Get a crappy thought???  KICK it out!!  Like my Dad always said, “Bad thoughts and ideas are the devil trying to ruin your day!”  Replace it with a good thought, and KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!***

Off to Florida!! Oh wait… Maybe not…

First, I was asked at 10 a.m., TODAY, for a ride to the airport.  You know that makes my OCD/paranoia set in.  I immediately think, “what am I forgetting to do?”  (I’m always afraid I am double booking myself.)  I wonder and think and ask my husband…  Nothing.  I come up with nothing.  

Ok.  I can give you a ride!!  We even did a trial pack into the car, since we would be having to fit four kids, two adults, two suitcases, and a stroller!


Three o’clock rolls around.  I am on the phone with my neighbor; both kids are asleep.  I load everyone up (asleep), while on the phone, and head out. I got to the end of the block, and in mid sentence, during my phone conversation, I say aloud, “Oh my goodness.  I don’t even have shoes on.  Oh well.  I don’t think I have to get out of the car…  Geeze Louise, I don’t think I have ever met anyone like me.”  I, then, continue the previous conversation…

I arrived at my friends house; we loaded up all the people and all the luggage.  We made it the airport exactly one hour before the flight.  Off they go to Florida!!!


Ring ring!  Ring ring!!


“Heather?  They won’t me on the plane with the baby without I.D.  A birth certificate or something…”

“WHAT??!!!?”  :-/  

“Yeah, I need you to go back to my house and get it and bring it back.”

“Do I have time for that?”

“Hope so.”

In traffic, it takes me just over a half an hour to get there.  She, of course, is freaking out and calling to see if I’m there yet, the whole way.  That’s what we’d all do, right??  (OMG!!  I planned SO well and can NOT believe I have forgotten ONE PIECE OF PAPER!!!)

I get there…

The glass door is locked.  I can’t get to the keypad to get in the house.  It’s over.  :-/

I drive back to the airport, and I pick her up.  

We shall try, again, tomorrow…

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Pack EVERYTHING.  Like, literally  EVERYTHING!  You never know what you might need when traveling!!!  PACK IT ALL!!!!  And if something DOES come up, roll with it.  That’s what she did.  You never know WHY God has intervened, and you may NEVER know; just take it and go.***

Side note:  She is studying to be a Douala …she has a lady due soon.  Let’s see if she goes tonight…  😉

Oh! And I did get back in time for the flight…just no papers. :-/

That Alligator Will Eat You!!!


New “get your three year old to do what you want” tactic.

While eating dinner tonight, Derek, of course, was messing around; not eating. A friend we had over says, “Do you know what we do to little boys who don’t listen where I come from? … We hang them up by their toes and feed them to the alligators.”

Derek stares blankly.


He takes a couple bites. He eyeballs the alligatorman. HE begins to mess around again.

Alligatorman says, “I have one out in my truck I can go get, if need be. Do you want to see a picture?”

Derek nods.

He searches “alligator” on google and clicks on one. He shows it to Derek.

Derek stares blankly (much like above). Derek turns and begins to shovel food into his mouth. He REFUSES to leave the table at this point for fear of the alligator eating him. He, periodically, eyeballs alligatorman and mumbles “alligator”, then he goes back to eating.


He later commenced to tossing chips at Carter instead of handing them to him. Alligatorman says, “Here, I’ll go get my alligator.”

Derek picks up the chips. Hands them to Carter, and climbs up on my lap. 🙂

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Three year olds seem to be frightened of alligators, and the possibility an alligator could eat them…use that…***