Dingbat Brain!

So funny…  Yesterday nothing; today TWO lessons in a matter of hours!  Ok maybe one lesson taught twice…SO, I definitely think it HAS to be the lesson of the DAY!!!

Have you ever been shopping and thought, “OH!  GREAT!  Exactly what I need!!”? You, then, throw your object of perfection into your cart and pay. When you get home you realize it is NOT exactly what you needed!!  How about a MONTH later realizing it is definitely NOT what you needed??  That’s me today!!   

There I was…walking down the detergent aisle.  “Where is that cheap bottle with all the loads” I think to my self.  “It HAS to be around here!”  “HHhhmmmm….”  I take a step back in the detergent aisle so I can see further down to the fabric softener section…  “Hhhmmmm…”  I say again.  That bottle in the FABRIC SOFTENER section looks a LOT like my cheap bottle with all the loads!!!   IT IS my cheap bottle with all the loads!!!  I have IN FACT been washing my clothes in FABRIC SOFTENER for, oh let’s see…right around a month!!!  Aye…  This WOULD explain why my water had no bubbles…  I actually looked the other day and said…”Hhmmm…no bubbles.  OH WELL!  Smells nice!!”  I also had wondered, when we got back from camping, why on earth I had washed our camping clothes TWICE and they were still a bit blah…  “Must have gotten REALLY dirty out there” I thought…

Also, pay attention to the small things like, the shape your key ring is in.  DON’T ignore it if it seems to be a bit LOOSE…  You MAY find yourself in the commissary with a set of car keys, but NO house key…. Not definite, but you MAY.  

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Watch the small things…read the labels thoroughly; check your keys rings.  These things may seems insignificant, but IF you ignore them you may just find yourself locked out of your house in DIRTY clothes!***

**I would like to note that NONE of this was brand/detergent company error…100% user error…ME!


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