Hello Again!

It’s been a few days!!  With deployment sneaking up and Ms. Pauline visiting from France we’ve been BUSY BUSY in the McCrazy house!!  Busy, but great!!  Always a good lesson to learn of course…  

Like for instance.  Friday I thought I should review my “pay attention” lesson.  Although it had only been a day or two!  You know, that’s a GOOD lesson to keep in CONSTANT practice!!  🙂  

Our wonderful bank has online bill pay.  And what it even MORE wonderful is you can set up automatic payments!!  Isn’t that GREAT!  Makes it SO easy!!  So, then, WHY did I go into our bank on payday and pay our mortgage??!? You can imagine my confused amazement when I go to the store to pay for my $8 worth of pictures and CAN’T! I go to the ATM…over $1,000 in the hole!!! “WHAT?!?! How could this happen!!!!” Ohhhh….wait! This has happened before!! Once, Derek and I BOTH logged in and paid it… It wasn’t until I was walking to the parking lot that it occurred to me I had taken it one step further… Derek and I didn’t BOTH pay it this time; I had done this GREAT JOB all by myself!!! OY VEY!!!!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson RE-visit!!! See: Dingbat Brain!!!***

Now on to the OTHER days!!! (He He) Actually, there is nothing else really to report other than I have signed up for my first 5K!! Keep in mind, only a handful of times in my life have I ran ONE mile!! This should be a sight to see!! But a terrible amount of fun!! I can’t wait. There is sure to be a good story to come out of that!!!

Paying two mortgages = money I can’t spend on something dumb! Entering a race I know I can’t run = me having motivation to GET IN SHAPE!

We should ALWAYS try to make the best out of EVERYTHING! WE aren’t always going to get our way and things aren’t always going to be the way we want them, but there is ALWAYS someone who’s got is worse. SO, count your blessings and HAVE FUN!!


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