Run! Girl! Run!


I went running with Pauline and Derek today… WHEW!  Boy, I have a LOT of work to do!!!  

First, I was certain I was having a heart attack…  So I stopped.  Then, I started again.  A bit more heart attack.  Then, I took off like a bullet and said “bye bye babe!”  Buahahahaha!  YEAH RIGHT!! That lasted all of 20 yards and I was DONE!!!  I ended up making the whole 1 3/4 miles, but keep in I need to double that and RUN it!  

Hard work and dedication, right??!?   I have to admit I am having a hard time believing that I will ever be able to run anything CLOSE to the whole thing, but I will TRY and do my best!!  Not just for me, but for my babies, too!

The last quarter mile Derek took off with Cody…  I promised I would follow closely behind.  🙂  When I started running again Derek Jr. said, “MOM! We have to catch Daddy!  He is teeny tiny!”  I said, “Buddy, do you see how fast Daddy’s feet are moving??  I will never be able to catch him!” He said to me…”YES YOU CAN MOMMY!!  Run faster!!!”  Each time I said couldn’t, he said, “YES YOU CAN!”  So, I stopped saying I couldn’t, naturally…  

How many times has Derek, Jr. said to me that he couldn’t do something and I replied with “yes you can buddy…never say you can’t”??  Big wake up call today.  Even if I don’t really think it’s possible, I must TRY!  

All we can do is…TRY!  As long as we give it all we’ve got, and as long as we complete what we start, we win the race!  I will run this race.  I will take my little cheerleader with me.  I will be better for it and so will he.  It’s not about winning; it’s about working hard, helping each other, and having FUN!!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Give life all you’ve got and have FUN!!!***

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