“Love Me When I’m Gone” – 3 Doors Down


I have been trying not to bore everyone with my deployment thoughts, but lately I have been noticing periodic comments from other navy wives; comments about their fears and worries. It has given me a better understanding as to some of what has been going on the past few months and I am actually very glad I have gotten to have a better understanding of other peoples thoughts. Admittedly, a lot of the concerns that I have read are things that I do not recall ever crossing my mind. I figure this is why I just wasn’t getting “it”.

Being afraid they will forget or “fall out of love” seems to be top one. GIRLS!!! We have the ability to make sure they NEVER forget! Letters are cheap! Send one every time you have a thought. Boxes full of anything and everything are GREAT! We get excited about their letters; just imagine being on that ship with the SAME people for MONTHS AND MONTHs and MOnThs… There will never be too much mail when mail day comes! So KEEP THEM COMING!!!

Put secret stuff in their mail…confetti and such. Maybe smells… Confetti letters/boxes are nice, because when it all falls out and makes a mess they will think of you each time they find ANOTHER piece in their bed… It’s a bit annoying because they have to clean it…lol, but I’m sure it will bring a smile…AFTER the cleaning…

You’ll send bitty reminders of you to him, 231784982374 emails back and forth (when email is working). Demand cool gifts from cool countries. My husband also sent postcards from each port so I could track his whereabouts and have them forever of course!! His first deployment had a lot of port visits so I still have all them all in a frame and hanging on a wall.

The worst part of deployment is the before he leaves worrying… If you get through that you’ll be fine!! πŸ™‚ Just kick it, and have fun while he’s here!!!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Girls, your husbands LOVE YOU!!! You are strong capable women, and you will be FINE!!!***

Smile, give it to God, and keep moving forward!!!!!

This song is the best and what I listened to 390285290 times a day when I got sad. πŸ™‚ Give it a listen…smile and be proud!!!

5 thoughts on ““Love Me When I’m Gone” – 3 Doors Down

  1. I love this. πŸ™‚ Your so right. My husband and I have sat down and talked about all the ways we want to communicate and we are going to try every method BUT he had the idea(CRAZY.. I know) to write a letter a day to each other… kinda like a journal for one another too. I am waiting to see if this happens but if so, this excites me! It’s kind of romantic. Thanks for the encouragement and the ideas and the strength you possess. I hate the before jitters. I think it’s the worst…. I am ready for it to be over with! I’m gonna share this!

  2. Oh, you ladies are so strong!! I appreciate our military and their families (YOU!) so, so much. πŸ˜€ And I love that song. Takes me back some years. πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you!!! We aren’t always as strong as everyone thinks…lol…we cry when you aren’t looking! πŸ˜‰ I didn’t even know that song until Derek and I started dating…HE told me to listen, so I would when he was away and I would cry…lol…

      Oh geesh!! It’s gonna be a LOOOOOOONG 9ish months! If I start posting random sulk, you will know why!!!

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