Fish Fone



If you know me AT ALL you know that electronics and I are NOT best friends.  I break almost everything I touch somehow at some point.  Phones, computer, you name it I’ve probably done it.  :-/

My phone has been broken since Last July when I…  Wait, let me back up a liiiiittle further…  Last JUNE Carter gave my phone a bath in the potty.  🙂  I ordered a new one through insurance and had it in two days!  GREAT job phone insurance guys!!!  I left it out side in the rain THAT night.

!@$@$ REWIND @#$^%  My phone has been broken since Last July when I left it out in the rain.  Granted, I was able to save it and use it all this time; the screen has been all sorts of messed up…  Like, no one can read, use, or understand it except me.  TEN month I used it like this…  ALMOST time for a NEW phone!  YES!!!  

Today, Carter took my phone outside and put it in MORE water.  

It’s been a tough phone, but I think it may be doomed this time…   :-/  Poor thing.  Now, I am out of a phone and can’t get a new one for a couple weeks.  I do have dear friends who have offered to let me borrow one until I can get my own.

Thank you.

I would use one of MY old ones, BUT I have quite literally killed them all…

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: HIDE YOUR PHONE!!!  or DRY ALL WATER FROM EVERYWHERE IN/OUTSIDE YOUR HOME!!  or Get a good case.  😉

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