A Saturday in the Life of MY Children

IT is be coming a weekly thing, and IT is talked about ALL week…

BASS PRO SHOP!!!  We MUST go each Saturday.  We get on ALL the boats, and we look at the fish.  Before we leave, we HAVE to get GUMMY worms.  That is it.  That is the trip.  It doesn’t sound like much…  BUT when you’re three and two THIS is the big trip!!!  Forty five minutes TO and FROM.  🙂

THIS was our day today:


Lunch with Daddy.  🙂


Fish watching…  We got to see them FEED them!





Where’s HE going???


And to change it up a little….   FOUR-WHEELERS!!!! 




It’s the little things.  🙂  Let ’em have fun!  GREAT for rainy days!!  

Oh! And of course we got the gummy worms (or snakes in the two year old words…).

Sometimes in this big ol’ world it’s easy to get TOO caught up and WAYYYY too busy.  

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Slow down and have some FUN!!!  You never know when you are making forever memories!!! FOR EVERYONE!! (Not just kids.)***


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