Party All Day

Such an exciting day!!  Even more so if you are below the age of five…

Derek insisted he go to school this morning, so I dropped him for a half day.  I then ran home and baked a Yummy Yummy CakeImage and some mini pizza rolls for the FAMILY PICNIC!  (Dot ta dahhhhhhhh—-in sing song voice.)

After all that was done I got Derek from school and we went to the picnic.  If you know me you know I do not usually attend these things unless my husband HAS to.  Today, however, I went ALONE!!  The husband had DUTY!!! BIG STEPS!!!  Yay me!  🙂  LoL.  I, of course, would not have gone had my dear friend not been going…you must have some kind of support at these things!!!

I entered everything and won nothing…what’s new. 🙂  Its all for a good cause.  😉  

My three year old was TERRIBLY distraught when it came time to leave.  Bounce houses and a park is a GREAT recipe for ALL DAY kid fun!!!  He was asleep before we left the parking lot.

We went home and he napped for THREE hours while the two year old and I played.  🙂  THEN DADDY CALLED!!!  We got to go the “fireship” and see DADDY!!!

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY!  Duty section got a little picnic too!!  The little ones played corn-hole and ate a hot-dog while Daddy grilled for the section.  🙂  Then, after Daddy ate, we got to go see the BIG GUN!!  HOLY COW!!!  The EXCITEMENT!!!

Oh to be THREE!  🙂  Home now.  Bath and BED! 

Until tomorrow world!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: We should try and live life through a child’s eyes every once in a while.  Things are simpler, and things are WAYYYYYY more fun!!!!***




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