“Maybe we are going to buy a game at the App Store.”

This is what my THREE YEAR OLD said to me while getting in our car after church today!  WHAT??!!?!  App Store??!?

I am officially old.

Just the other day I told my husband we needed to start letting him use the computer so that he will get used to using a mo….  Wait…  We don’t HAVE a computer with a mouse.  What is this world turning into!??!  My child can make the screen on a tablet, Ipod, or phone bigger or smaller.  He can scroll to get the games that he wants.  He can get back to the home screen when he needs to.  Now, he wants to shop at the APP STORE!!!

Just when I think the world is crashing down (because my children are growing and becoming little people and this freaks me out out), everything comes back to Earth and makes my world warm and fuzzy again.  🙂

After we got home, I was discussing VBS (Vacation Bible School) with my husband.  I told him I was dressing up like a princesses!  (VBS theme is Kingdom Rock.  Knights and such.) My Darling little three year old, who had JUST made me feel 2323242 years old, looks at me and says, “But you already ARE a princess”!!  🙂  Such a sweet boy!!

Just when we think things are nuts and getting away from us, there is always something to suck us back to happiness…  We just have to LET it!!  Was the App Store conversation life altering??  No.  It just made me feel old and sad because my babies are growing TOO much TOO fast.  But the follow up with, “…you already ARE a princess” makes EVERYTHING right again!!  🙂


***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Take the crazy with the normal.  Take the good with the bad.  Take the pretty with the ugly.  It’s all meaningful in it’s way.  Something can be learned from it all.***   

Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”


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