Three Year Old Tall Tales


Oh we are in for it when this one gets big…  I believe I was at LEAST six or seven before I commenced to swishing toothpaste and telling my mom I had brushed my teeth (I know, I know).

We had suspected before that when he would run off in the direction in the house we had asked him to do something in, (bathroom and such), he would come back and say, “YEAH! I did what you asked!” a bit too quickly.  The problem was that not NEARLY enough time had lapsed, since he had left, to accomplish what needed to be accomplished.

Tonight, he was falling asleep so my husband asked if he needed to use the bathroom one more time before going to bed.  He said no.  We insisted.  He got up walked back there, and then WAM!  He was back.


I, of course, threatened him for if he had an “accident” while sleeping.  Telling him that that would not be “ok”.  He said that was fine, (because he had already gone, you know).

Not 10 minutes later he disappeared again.  When he came back Daddy said, “What were you doing, Buddy.”  “I had to go to the bathroom again,” he replies.  :-/  Really.  Again.  That fast.  

Little sneak!  WE CAUGHT YOU!!!!!!  And you are only THREE!!!!!  

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Keep both eyes open.  Keep the eyes in the back of your head ready.  Keep one eye open at night.  They are getting smarter and smarter…younger and younger…***  


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