Bad Parenting?

It’s a topic that has been on my mind quite a bit lately.  I talk about it to various people, but I rarely ask their opinion.  Most of them tell me what they think, and it is, usually, somewhat inline with what I am saying.  So, are they being truthful or agreeable??

Real test time!  😉


Derek bit a graham cracker into the, somewhat, shape of a gun.  He, then, proceeded to pretend shoot his brother.  They both laughed and moved on.

Derek starts real, live, public school in a little over a year.  This worries me.  Where we come from guns are guns.  Boys, and some girls, learn to use and hunt with them.  They play cowboys and indians.  They are taught how to safely use guns, and that real guns are not toys to be played with.

We do not stop the boys from playing.  They know that you only shoot bad guys or animals.  They do not touch the real guns, but they have at least a handful of toy guns.  This causes me no concern.  

What causes me concern is schools kicking children out for using their imagination.  We reward that in our house.  

What causes me concern is schools kicking kids out for wearing shirts that state their amendment rights.  That is applauded at our house.  Many people fought for us to have those rights.

I am also hearing nonsense about in school suspension for kissing girls in the hall…  REALLY!!??!  These are the big concerns of the world??  Things like kissing girls, NRA shirts, and pastry guns are what we worry about in school???

I REALLY hope this book thing works out, because I have a feeling I am going to be spending a LOT of time at school with the boys…

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: ???  What do you think it is?***


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