Future Barber

Last week, I was told by my three year old that my two year old’s hair was too long, and it needed cut.  All this as he’s swiping safety scissors across Carter’s head!!  I take the scissors and look…  He’s already gotten a chunk…



It’s a BIT more impressive when the hair is wet…

Daddy spoke to Derek, in length, regarding scissor use, and that he is not to cut anyone’s hair…  IN LENGTH…

A few days later, Derek comes to us saying that his bangs are too long, and he must cut them.  Daddy, again, explains scissor use and that he doesn’t cut hair (or anything else without permission).  Besides, Daddy JUST cut his hair; his bangs were fine!

He was on and on about his bangs being too long, but he finally gave up…


Derek was playing in the living room with Carter.  Then, I noticed an eerie quietness fill the room.  I say, “Derek, what are you doing buddy?”  

Out from behind the couch he comes.  Scissors in one hand.  The other hand in cup form.  “I had to cut these; they were too long” he tells me.


Sure enough…bangs are missing.  Just some though…  Here and there…

Honestly, not that bad unless I comb them down straight.  


***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Mini  future barbers are VERY determined to fulfill their life purpose…  BE AWARE!*** 

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