Day 5: I’d Like to Try…

The wind blowing through my hair.  The amazing view I see.  The freedom and serenity I feel.  

Who wouldn’t want to experience all of this??  Right up to the point where THE PARACHUTE DOESN’T OPEN!!!  

The wind is blowing TOO FAST!  My beautiful view is shrinking to the spot where I will surely die!  The only freedom I feel, now, is impending DEATH!


Would I like to try it?  Yes.  

Am I likely to try it?? No.  Probably not.  Unless, we come across one of those on the ground, blow you up, and make you FEEL like you are skydiving things…  However, I doubt it will produce the same wonderful feelings.

I say that I would like to try it, because I think it would be an exhilarating and awesome experience.  I say that I probably never will, because when I was younger we used to jump of rocks into the river…  It would take me a good 30 minutes, or so, to do my first jump.  Prior to my jump, I would have to have my friends jump dozens of times to prove to me I wouldn’t die.

If I had that much trouble jumping 10 feet, I’m thinking OUT OF AN AIRPLANE would be a bit much…  Unless I am pushed…  Then it’s all or nothing… 😉

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Things that we would LIKE to try are not always things we WILL try.  Even though we probably should.  Let me ponder this…***


I guess we could just leave it in the hands of Jesus… 😉



One thought on “Day 5: I’d Like to Try…

  1. I would like to skydive too! Maybe we should come up with a “to do” list while the boys are gone? That way we can have some adventures too!

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