Day 9: People Think I’m…


I’m not really sure.  I think a lot of the time they think I am things I am not.  (Good and bad.)

Last night at church there was a question section in our book that asked who in the group you thought fit each category.  I was put in “prophet”, “teacher”, “helper”, (I think those were the three).  So, let’s go with those… lol.  That’s all I really know, because people don’t normally tell me??  Seems odd now that I am saying it “out loud”

Remember, the question is “PEOPLE think I’m…”. not “I think I’m…”  😉  

Let me also write what they defined “prophet” and “teacher” as:

Prophet: “A prophet is one who speaks for God.  The spiritual gift is to receive and communicate a message of God to the people.  Such disciples may witness quietly in private conversations.  They may testify, speak, or preach in public.  Some become lay speakers; others give lay testimony.  Some prophets are social activists, writing or speaking a Christlike word on public issues.  Some may serve in political life or in community service.  Even thought they may receive criticism, prophets express a biblical truth in a chaotic, selfish world.  

Prophets may focus on exhortation, encouragement, consolation (Isaiah 40:1-2), or on conviction, confrontation, social change (Acts 4:19-20).”

Teachers: “While it is true that not everyone should be a teacher (James 3:1), the church always needs Christlike teachers.  Some people who are professionally trained can be inadequate as teachers in the church or can be splendid teachers.  Some people who have no formal training are gifted teachers.”

The third one that was mentioned was “Helper”. Someone always willing to help. This is the one I do think I agree with. I TRY to do what I can. Sometimes, I take on too much, and I am unable to complete it all. :-/ I must work on this part.

Seems quiet an honor to be considered for any of these!  

I always welcome your thoughts on what “People Think I’m…”  I often wonder what people think.  😉 

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  I believe knowing what others think can help us grow.  Just because WE think we are good doesn’t mean we are portraying who we REALLY want to be on the OUTSIDE.  And that’s where it needs to be.  Our greatest teaching method is leading by example.***





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