Did you miss me!!?!

I know you have all been wondering…  “Where did she GO!!!”   😉

My sweet baby boy turned two this week!!  SO, between the actual birthday and his party, I’ve been a busy little bee!!!

He had a GREAT birthday, and he had a GREAT party!

I wanted to share some party photos because I am SO proud of my work!  (lol)  I did almost ALL the decorations with construction paper!!  Do you realize how cheap that was!!!  But, Oh so CUTE!!  😉


Birthday Cake.  Obviously NOT construction paper. 😉  Airplanes was our theme!  🙂





Airplanes and Clouds, OH MY!  😉  CArter’s TWO!!


Popsicle sticks and clothes pins…then paint.   I made a few extra and used them for craft time, too.


The kids LOVED painting them!!  The little kids, like Carter himself, got paper airplanes to put STICKERS on!


Happy Birthday Little Buddy!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Cheaper is better!  lol  😉  And way more fun!***


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