Day 11: Beating Writer’s Block

I’m new to this whole thing, but I can give it a guess!!  😉

I think Day 8 would probably be were I would start if I found I had “writer’s block”.  Just write!  Write. Write. Write.  Write about anything and everything.  Write about the sky and the birds in it.  Write about the rain and how it sounds…  Write until SOMETHING pops in your head that sounds JUST like what you are looking for!

Example: My writings about rambling.  🙂   At the point where it says “THERE IT IS” is where I beat the block and found my topic!  😉

Write. WriTe. WritE.


If ever this unbeatable method EVER fails me (wink, wink), I may read my dear friend Elizabeth’s methodology.  🙂


***McCrazy Daily Lessons:  Write. Write. Write.  And when that fails GOOGLE!!***




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