Day 12: What Makes a Good Read

Fabulous 5 on Day 12.  😉

1. The story keeps moving- It used to be that I could read just about anything.  These days, if you don’t hold my attention I have to move on…

2. The characters are interesting- They must have a story.  Not just Joe from Hillsboro.  “Joe, whose wife disappeared 20 years ago, is JUST starting over with a new love after all this time, but the NEW LOVE is the one with something to hide” is WAY more interesting…

3. A series- I am finding myself loving books that are part of a series more and more.  There’s more to the story.  You can follow the characters longer.  

4. A LOT of thought put into it- One of my favorites is Harry Potter.  It’s MAINLY because it is so complex.  VERY well thought out and written.

5. Subject Matter- Obviously, a book about something that interests me makes it better.  😉


Those are good starters, I believe.  😉  You are welcome, for my EXPERT opinion!  (wink, wink)

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: SO SO much to think about when writing a book!***



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