Newest Project: Baby Gifts

While I missed BOTH of these showers, I am hoping THESE will help make up for my absence…  😉



Obviously, one boy and one girl.




Baby Boy’s is what I call the “How to Start Your Own Baby” option.  Just about everything in there, EXCEPT the baby.   😉 


The little girl one is the “Sweet Starter”.  😉  It may look small, but it PACKED with baby necessities.  AND it comes with a, not yet finish, crocheted blanket! 

Yes, I JUST came up with those names!  😉  I LOVE babies!!!  Now that mine aren’t “babies” anymore I THOROUGHLY enjoy making gifts for others!!!  🙂


***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Have a little fun!  Create and Give!!  It makes you AND them happy!!***

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