Day 15: Role Model

Since my only real writing experiences are in this blog, so far, I would have to say my blogging friends are my role models!  I always thought they were SO cool!  “How did they get a blog??”  I wish I had a Blog!”  

Had it not been for these three, I may have never started my own blog!

Thanks girls!!

Jennifer Tackett-Hilton– She is HILARIOUS and very witty.

Lynden Laundry– Very clever gal here!

Brittany Dill– Very inspirational.  She’s sharing her life journey! 

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Ask questions when you have them, and JUST DO IT!  You never know what you may be missing, or how easy it REALLY is! ***



2 thoughts on “Day 15: Role Model

  1. Heather, you are so sweet! Just read this and was so surprised to see my name 🙂 you are an excellent writer and I’m glad you’ve joined the blogosphere 😉 I’ve said before I write because I enjoy it and clearly you feel the same, it’s important to do things for US sometimes so stick with it and ill keep reading along! Thanks for the shoutout, friend 🙂

    • No way! Your blog was the first one I read and thought, “How cool is she!!! 😉 And I KNOW her!!!” I do like to write, but I was always a chicken about it. 🙂 Not so much now! Thanks for being you and writing down all your awesomeness for me to read!

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