Day 16: Talent or Luck


I feel that at this point I have zero talent, but I do feel like, every once in a while, I get lucky and the words flow from my finger tips.  😉

Am I to the book writing stage yet??  Not even close.  I still have a hard time turning an idea into an entire STORY!!!  Given how much I talk, you would think I could fill 200+ pages without a problem!

This is why I would definitely say LUCK…  Working on the talent!

**REVISED** To piggyback off Mrs. Barrett-Moore, I would like to go back and explain luck. Luck doesn’t appear from nowhere. When I say “the words flow from my finger tips”, it is definitely God putting them there. I have found that, lately, a LOT of things come out, and I am not 100% sure where they come from! I am beginning to think, and am feeling VERY blessed, that God is speaking through me. –I just wanted to come back and give the credit where it was due. 😉 Thanks Elizabeth!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Work. Work. WOrk.  It does pay off! God helps those who help themselves.***



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