Thanks, Again!!

My husband thinks I’m a big ol’ dork, but I wanted to give another THANK YOU to everyone!!!  

Not only did I reach 50 followers today (now 52), I got the most followers in one day than I ever have.  

THEN, I got the most likes I have ever gotten in one day!!  It’s a great day here at McCrazy!!!


***McCrazy Daily Lessons: Feeling very Blessed.  We should always let the ones who make us feel special know that they have done so!***


2 thoughts on “Thanks, Again!!

  1. I know how you feel!!! I hit 100 followers last week and I was beyond excited…….and yes I took a picture of it to and sent it to my husband who thinks I’m a little nutty, but he loves me regardless!!

    • That’s Awesome!! Congratulations!! They don’t know what they are talking about, these husbands! I keep telling mine that I am going to write a book one day, and if he isn’t nice and supportive he will get no “book money”! 😉

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