Day 18: Traditional or Indie

Until starting this post, I didn’t really even know there were “traditional” and “indie”.  I did a little reading and here is what I have concluded:

Writing:  I will most likely lean “indie”.


I have four book ideas, and they are ALL completely different.  From what I can tell, writing what I want will be done most easily as an Independent Author.  I believe I would like this freedom.

Reading: I read mostly traditional books.  I may change this.  I love my books, but I didn’t really ever understand the $2.99 books.  “Are they no good”, I thought.  After doing a little looking into it, I now realize they are FINE books.  Most likely just published in a different manner!  


***McCrazy DAily Lessons: Point of this Blog- LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY!!  Perfect example here.  I just learned something very important to my, start-up, writing career!***


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