Day 20: Paper or Laptop



I used to make fun of people who sat around on there laptop in coffee shops and such (in a playing manner of course).  Now I LOVE mine! 

I love getting up, getting my coffee, and grabbing my laptop to blog! 

We are currently on “vacation” (in case you were wondering why I am in and out over the next few days…), and I FORGOT MY LAPTOP!!!   I am devastated…  

I love my “smartphone” and my Kindle, but there’s nothing like a good old fashioned keyboard!!!  😉  Everything I could need is right there! Dictionary, thesaurus, pictures, save button, DELETE, it’s all right there!

Although, I AM currently in the middle of you no where…  Like, no cell service, no 3G, and barely working internet, no where! 


SO, I may give paper a shot!  I’ll let you know if I change my mind.  😉

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Be open to all possibilities!  We never know when our flexibility will save us!!***


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