Day 26: What Makes Me Fume

After a lot of thought, I have come up with liars.  I try not to let TOO many things make me “fume”, but the one thing that does get me going is a liar.


I have come to realize over the years that it is nearly impossible for me to lie.  If I do, it is the most insignificant, little thing you will ever hear.  Usually, more of a twist than a lie.  (Not that makes it ok.)  If you ask me, I will tell you.  I have the inability to lie to someone’s face (real or cyber/technological).  It hurts my feeling to lie, as well as the other person’s.  Not to mention, it is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY easier to remember the truth, than it is to remember the lies we make up!

I suppose that, stemming from myself and how I try to treat others, this is the reason I get so upset when I am blatantly lied to.  If we don’t want to do something, we should say no.  If we don’t want to go somewhere, we should say no.  I dislike, immensely, when someone says they will be there, and they don’t show.  Or, when someone says they will do something, and they never do it.  I dislike, even more, when they say they can’t because they are doing something important, just to find out later it was nothing more than an excuse.

An invite is just that; an invite.  They can be accepted OR declined.

Beyond invites, it’s just not nice to lie to people in general.  It hurts them, and it hurts us.  If we are asked a question, we should try to answer it as truthful as possible.  No need to be hurtful or rude; just truthful.  They feel better, and we feel better. No one trusts a liar, and no one wants to be untrustworthy.

no lies

My Daddy always said that anything that makes us feel yucky or hurts another person is the devil at work!  Kick him out!!!

***McCrazy DAily Lesson:
NASB_Colossians_3-9 ***

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