Day 27: How I Plan

I am a great planner.  I can work it it out so that, in my mind, I can get it ALL done!  Follow through and completion are different.  


For example: Today, I plan to clean the house a bit, grocery shop, finish cleaning the house, and start cleaning the car.  

–I should have started this already.  Instead, I sit here and talk to you!  😉


I need to write, also!  I PLAN to start a book soon, remember.  I need to start on my writing classes.  Perhaps, I will PLAN for those to start on Monday.  

In the my world I WANT to do my reading and writing daily.  In the real world I will PLAN to do it when school starts.

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Planning is GREAT!  We should definitely have goals, BUT don’t freak when LIFE gets in the way!***



Weekly Goals. C+ Students. And Cutting Yourself A Break.

4 thoughts on “Day 27: How I Plan

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