Why, Oh, Why


^^^^^^ This. ^^^^^^^
I do not understand ^^THIS^^.

Last night, I looked around the living room. I said to my husband, “I do not understand how I can clean and clean, but when I sit to enjoy a family movie THIS is what the result is!!!”

His reply was simple. He said, “Have you noticed that they made the mess, but then it stopped. It hasn’t gotten any worse. They got everything that they need out and now they are done. You (I) should just leave it there…always. Push it to the side to vacuum, and then, just push it back out into the floor…”

:-/ Really??

My main problem is that I just don’t understand how it happens. I don’t see it happening. I guess I don’t understand the steps between the floor being sparkling clean and ^^THAT^^ happening?? Perhaps this is why it keeps happening…

My children, on the other hand, understand the steps PERFECTLY!

Maybe some day they will enlighten me…

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Children hold the answers to ALL our questions. We must nurture them, and when they least expect it, PICK THEIR BRAINS!!!***


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