July 7, 2013: Writing Fuel

As my blog is called “McCrazy Daily Lessons”, most of my writings are fueled by—-….—-  YOU GUESSED IT!  Life experiences.  😉

I used to hear people tell stories and think, “that didn’t really happen”.  Well, I now believe that most of them probably did.  Some of the things I have been witness to are simply amazing.  I wouldn’t believe some of it myself had I not been there.  

Having moved across country twice, lived in eight different homes in ten years, lost a good majority of my family over the years to anything from cancer to car crashes, being married to a Navy man for ALMOST ten years, and NOW raising TWO CRAZY boys, I have seen more than some see in a lifetime!  Good and bad; it all has it’s purpose and makes us stronger, better people; if we let it.

I have three or four solid book ideas; two or three of them are real life stuff.  The kind of stuff people go through all the time.  I, however, seem to have gotten through my “stuff” better than some do. So, why not share my journey?!?!


My husband’s favorite movies are based on a true story movies.  I bet someone wrote those down, first!!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Real life can make for a GREAT story, so grab some good coffee and write!***



2 thoughts on “July 7, 2013: Writing Fuel

  1. It’s true, isn’t it? I’ve had a number of sitcom moments that would scream for me to write them if they weren’t so cliché. “Stranger than fiction” and all that, right? (>^-‘)>

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