Hair, Hair, Hair

I have FINALLY found a hair lady!!!  Woo!!!Hoo!!!



This was my second visit.  The first was ok.  Obviously, or I would not have gone back…lol.  Lat time was a DEFINITE hair upgrade, but this time I am in LOVE!!!  My hair looks SO good, and it feels WAY better!!!



(I think this may be the best picture I’ve got.)

Since leaving California, I have not been able to find a good hair lady, except for when I go to West Virginia.  This can get expensive, though!  😉

Jamie is AWESOME!  She did a great job with the color, and she did all sorts of fancy cutting leaving my hair fresh and revitalized!  🙂


This trip, I even bought the fancy shampoo.  I had been thinking about it, and thought, since I was already there, I would take the plunge.  I am very glad I did.  

When she was washing my hair, she had to wash it THREE TIMES, because my store bought shampoo was leaving so much grime behind.  :-/  She washed it the first time and said, “Oh my gosh!  There’s so much crap in your hair the shampoo gave up!”  I was like, “huh?”  (lol)  She said there weren’t any bubbles, because there was too much nasty stuff on my hair…  So then came wash two and three!  We don’t want that to happen again!

She took a bit of liberty with the cutting, but I didn’t mind.  She had an idea of what I wanted, and she ran with it!  It turned out great!


***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Have a little faith.  Get the good shampoo.  Be BEAUTIFUL!***




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