Four Year Old Gone Nuts

Well, he’s not four, yet, but he will be soon.  

He is getting more and more full of himself by the day.

For example:

  • We went to the river with some friends.  The air was the right dampness and temperature to be able to see your breath.  Derek walks over to me and says, “Mom, look!”  I look,  He breaths in and out a couple times.  I say, “Wow buddy!  That’s cool!!”   He says, (AND I QUOTE!) “That man over there gave me cigarettes…”  We, again, had the “you can’t say crazy things like that because you will get someone in trouble” talk, again.  Even after doing it a few more times, while I watched, he insisted he had this ability because he was given cigarettes…
  • A couple weeks ago, we bought a body pillow; nice, new, and fluffy.  I slept with it ONE NIGHT before my child requested we put it back in his room, because it was, in fact, HIS pillow and I STOLE IT from him.  :-/  He is still adamant about this as well…  I bought myself a new one today.

I feel, in my heart of hearts, I am forgetting another insane story, but that’s all I can think of for now.  

Wish me luck…

***McCrazy DAily Lesson:  Kids are AWESOME!  A little nutty, but AWESOME!!  Where else would we get these great stories!!***

Photo: Why does this nut think it's ok to put his car in my yard??!?!?!

There’s that little nut!  Hanging out of the car!  

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