Another Nut Moment

I was doing so well, for so long.  lol  Not doing insane things like washing my clothes in fabric softener for a month…

I ordered a carpet “washer” (that’s what it says it is) last week.  It was on sale and had free shipping from trusty, ol’ Wal-Mart, so I hit the purchase button!  

YAY!!  I was SO excited!!

It arrived on the tenth…  IN MANASSAS!!!  I do not live in MANASSAS!!!

I checked today, while I was talking to online Wal-Mart, and I am not as crazy THEY may believe.  I had, in fact, entered my new address…  It just wasn’t the “preferred shipping address”.  :-/

Anyhow.  The money has been refunded, my WONDERFUL old neighbor is throwing back in the mail to go back to Wal-Mart, an dI have ordered a new maching to be sent to the CORRECT address, which is now my PREFERRED address. 😉

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Even though you just KNOW you entered your correct address online, PLEASE! triple check it’s the “ship to” address.  🙂 ***


2 thoughts on “Another Nut Moment

  1. I too was hit by this, but mines a bit worse. I finished selling my old house, so to celebrate only having one mortgage payment, I bought a futon for the game room. When filling out, I checked the “shipping address same as billing” box. Should be fine, huh? A few days later I saw the tracking number, it was going to my old house. Part FED-EX, part freight. I called FED-EX, they were able to reroute their shipments to me, but the freight can’t, the seller has to request the change. I called Walmart, they can’t change the address, so they’re requesting from the shipper to return it, and will then refund my money. I’m not sure how smooth this will go, since I have two boxes, I may have to ship it back fedex before I get the refund.

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