The Lure of Christmas Goodies

What it is about Christmastime that makes plain candy and chocolates seem so much more alluring?!??

I mean seriously.  I started making cookies, fudge, and cake the begining of November so I could get multiple boxes to the ship for Christmas.  Homemade Christmas deliciousness I, usually, only make this time of year.

YET, last week I decided to buy three boxes of Little Debbies.  They were three for $5, so I had to, right?!?


Don’t get me wrong…  These are DELICIOUS!  I love Little Debbie!  (Thanks DAd.)  But I can eat these year round…  I needed to get them now, why??  Because they shaped like cute little Christmas Trees and colored red and green??!?

It hasn’t gotten any better either.  With my Christmas Party coming up this weekend, I TOTALLY fell for the large display of delicious chocolate at the front door of Walmart.


I almost never buy these things…  but I’m having a party and look how festive!!  Silver, red, green, AND gold wrappers!  Thank you chocolate factory!  MY party just wouldn’t have been the same without these!


Oh!  Let’s not forget these baby’s!


A MUST have are red and green m&m’s for my candy dish!!

Geeze Louise, please tell me I am not the only sucker out there!??!?!

Oh well…who could resist those cute little wrappers??  😉

It was a well rounded day, however…  We cleaned, we got gas, we gave a lady at the gas pump $5, because she left her wallet at work and had no gas, AND we got our tree up!!


Santa picked it out!  😉


Spreading Christmas cheer in every way we can!  😉

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Make the most of your days…if those little candy trees make you happy, go for it!  But remember the real reason for the season, and help others when the opportunity shows itself!***

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