Life With Three

Life is getting exciting around here!  Little Miss Evie Bell is three months old now.  Her bothers adore her, as well as, her mommy and Daddy.  She was the CUTEST, HAPPIEST, little thing.  So very content and well tempered.  


Until now!

sister roll

She has begun to roll!!  She rolls on her belly and gets ANGRY…silly girl.  Roll back over, I think.  Maybe I will, maybe I won’t, she thinks…  During the day this is fine, I suppose.  It’s the nights that are killing me.  She has gone from being the best little sleeper, to being a cranky little sleeper.  Why, you may ask??  

Because the little darling rolls on her belly, against the crib side, and can’t get back!!!

sister tummy

Mommy to the rescue!!  (Or Brothers during the day)

This would be all fine and dandy if only I were ready.  She’s my last little baby, and she is, definitely, growing TOO fast!  Today, she rolled, like a log, in the living room…at least that’s progression to being more independent, as opposed to, “MOMMY HELP ME!!  I’m STUCK!”

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Hold them close and cherish every moment, because (excuse me while I break out into song) they wont be like this for loooooong….***


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