To Question or Not to Question…That Is the Question

Voyage Towards Up

Growing up I was, always, taught not to question God.  I was to follow what He says, blindly, and do what I was told.  God has our plan, and we must trust in Him.

Ok, will do.

I have spent my life trying to do that, and I feel that is one of the mail reasons I dealt so well with my mothers death.  I was 10 when she died.  It was God’s plan, and who was I to question it?  My father said it best (and, yes, I later thanked him) when he told me that my mothers time on Earth was over and that she would now go to work in the Kingdom of Heaven for God.  Well, Ok.  Who can argue with that?

Almost 20 years later I began REALLY going to church, again, after spending some time away.  I never left God, I just didn’t spend…

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