To Run, or Not to Run

I woke up this morning.  (Thank you God!)

It wasn’t sunny, exactly, but there was sun and it wasn’t raining.  So, I decided to run.   My 5K is coming up THIS month and I haven’t ran in over a WEEK!



So, I take off; stroller and two babies in tow.  It was sprinkling a bit, so I decided to take the short route first (just in case).  By sprinkling a I mean VERY slight mist.  I got about half way around and WAM! it became a downpour!    



Not that I particularly minded…  It was just the irony.  I kind of enjoyed it.  

I did cut it short.  (Only a mile.)  The almost 4 year old kept telling me his Batman shoes were getting wet, and seeing as I didn’t know how long it would last I figured I would take the kids in…

Now, it is sunny, and the rain is drying up.  😉  

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Take the rain with the sun.  They are both gifts from God.  🙂  ***

UPDATE: Running/Blanket

Two totally different subjects!  😉

I ran today.  The stroller is KILLING ME!  We ran without the stroller in the mountains, while we were vacationing, and it was GREAT!  Running on flat ground with the stroller STINKS!  Either way, I am getting better!!  🙂 5K on the 20th…not too sure, but I’m getting there!  Skinny me, here I come!!!  Run, Run, Run!

To all you out there who want to run, but can’t get up and do it (like me): JUST GET UP!!!  You will feel a WHOLE lot better.  Everyone has to start SOMEWHERE!!

On to the next topic with my ADD…

Spiderman blanket:



Wedge number ONE done.  Nine more to go!  😉  Derek is SUPER excited.  Anyone who has a little boy who LOVES Spiderman should click the picture.  It’s a REALLY easy pattern!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Carpe Diem!*** 

Run, Girl, Run: Take 2


So, I had almost given up on the run, honestly…  I was getting no where, and I didn’t really mind…lol…  Unmotivated.

Until today…

We just went for a family run.  My three-year-old now LOVES to run with Daddy, (you know, he’s in that whole “I wanna BE Daddy” phase).  So, the first part of the run he ran with Daddy.  When he got too tired to run, he got in the stroller. I ran with Daddy.  This only lasted a few seconds, (like 30 seconds to be exact…lol).  SO, Daddy said that HE would push the stroller with the boys so that I could just run.  

WOW!  I ran for, what seemed like, forever!!!!  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!

I have  renewed sense of worth!  I am NOT the “suck of life” runner!!!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Don’t give up!!!!  You can do it!!!!!!  You never know when it’s going to be YOUR day!***

Run! Girl! Run!


I went running with Pauline and Derek today… WHEW!  Boy, I have a LOT of work to do!!!  

First, I was certain I was having a heart attack…  So I stopped.  Then, I started again.  A bit more heart attack.  Then, I took off like a bullet and said “bye bye babe!”  Buahahahaha!  YEAH RIGHT!! That lasted all of 20 yards and I was DONE!!!  I ended up making the whole 1 3/4 miles, but keep in I need to double that and RUN it!  

Hard work and dedication, right??!?   I have to admit I am having a hard time believing that I will ever be able to run anything CLOSE to the whole thing, but I will TRY and do my best!!  Not just for me, but for my babies, too!

The last quarter mile Derek took off with Cody…  I promised I would follow closely behind.  🙂  When I started running again Derek Jr. said, “MOM! We have to catch Daddy!  He is teeny tiny!”  I said, “Buddy, do you see how fast Daddy’s feet are moving??  I will never be able to catch him!” He said to me…”YES YOU CAN MOMMY!!  Run faster!!!”  Each time I said couldn’t, he said, “YES YOU CAN!”  So, I stopped saying I couldn’t, naturally…  

How many times has Derek, Jr. said to me that he couldn’t do something and I replied with “yes you can buddy…never say you can’t”??  Big wake up call today.  Even if I don’t really think it’s possible, I must TRY!  

All we can do is…TRY!  As long as we give it all we’ve got, and as long as we complete what we start, we win the race!  I will run this race.  I will take my little cheerleader with me.  I will be better for it and so will he.  It’s not about winning; it’s about working hard, helping each other, and having FUN!!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Give life all you’ve got and have FUN!!!***