The Life of the Military Wife (and/or Husband)


Big day in the McCrazy house!!  My husband did his thing and got the job done…lol…  Vague I know.  Let’s just say the stress level in the house went down about 234234 fold.  

Later in the afternoon he called back to drop another bomb!  Deployment dates have changed!


That’s all that can be said. This IS the madness of the military. It’s “YAY!” one minute and “Huh??” the next!  

Aside from me having a problem with sporadic changes all together, this effects me in no way.  Others, however, have been making plans!!  Deployment is a big thing!!

Here are a few of the supportive words given today after all the commotion:   

    ~ “Everything in the Navy is firmly set in Jello.” ~ “The only constant is change.” ~ “Remember that you can not plan according to the ships schedule. They do not plan according to our schedule. Our wants and needs are not in  there “mission ready” orders. Support and More Support will get us through.”

All very good words to remember, and they are all very helpful words in their own ways.  All so different.  It’s always nice when so many different outlooks can come together in a situation to help one another.  We always have to remember these things happen for a reason.  OUR plan is not THE plan.  Everything will work out and it will be for the better…even if we can’t see it now.

We have gotten used to the whirlwind that is the military over the past 10ish years. It’s all kind of laughable, really. If you let it be… 😉 WE just have to roll with the punches Ladies. It WILL all work out!!!

Brighter Sides- A Daddy will be home to see his baby born. A Mommy will a month of much needed Daddy help. People will get anniversaries together that may not have. And extra study time for important test is ALWAYS nice…we all know the husband comes home studying is OUT! AND!!! we ALL get more time to hang out before they leave.

If our situation is not optimal at the moment TRY and be happy for the ones this works OUT for… Bask in THEIR happiness. 🙂

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Hug them tight, and hold them close. 🙂 Laugh at the crazyness to keep from going crazy. Nothing can be changed so why worry!!! Get those heads up girls!! On day at a time!!!***

Matthew 6:34~ “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”