McCrazy House

This blog started as a “diary” of sorts of the Crazy McKay house…Mccrazy.  I realize I have strayed a bit from that, so I wanted to update a bit.


This is a picture of my babies getting baptized.  Yes, we are in front of the church.  She is talking about baptismal importance, and my child is doing that…^^^   


 This is on the church bus going to camp.  They thought they were SO cool!!Image

  This is, actually, tonight’s dinner.  They wanted cantaloupe…in a sled…in the house…in summer…  The following quote is what I wrote on facebook, shortly after this was taken, to my friends: “Turkey Italian sausage now…they love it!!! it’s a sled… now they are pretending they have babies in their belly… ”

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Cherish these moments, and document them carefully.  Their WIVES will want to know some day!!!***