Day Nineteen: Write What You Know?

What a good day to start back up!!

Why yes!  That is what I write, and believe me….I will be writing it WAY more, now!  😉

It’s easiest, for me, to write what I know.  Or, at least what I THINK I know.  😉  It, also, helps me get what I think I know straight.  For some reason, it always makes WAY more sense out than in.

Being that my husband deployed yesterday, I have a feeling you are going to be “hearing” a lot more of my thoughts on here, as I will not have anyone, at home, to share them with…lol.

I apologize ahead of time.  😉

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Write what you know!  Whether is be real OR made up in your head!  😉 ***


Day Twelve: Quirky Writing Habits

I am not sure I have developed any yet??  My writing is a bit patchy at this point. 🙂  I will check back in next month, after the kids start school and I have more of a routine.  😉

If anyone has any habits they would like to share, feel free!!  Maybe your habit will become mine and set me on my way!!!  😉

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  When in doubt, ask a friend!***


Day Five: Judge Books by Covers?


I had a hard time picking a favorite one yesterday, because they are all so wonderful in their own ways!  I have been trying NOT to judge by the covers.  I bet there are TONS of good books with less than wonderful covers, but if it’s an eye catching cover, it’s in my basket.  ; -)

Why, you may ask??

I am not sure…  I guess it’s like a preview.  If a movie preview is boring, people are likely not to watch it.  If a book cover is “blah”, I am likely not to buy it….

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  There are TONS of great books out there.  Perhaps we SHOULDN’T judge them by their covers.  Perhaps you don’t, and I need to learn NOT to.   😉  ***


Day Two: Write for Money?

I write, because I enjoy it.

I love to write about the things rattling around in my head.

I love to get what I am thinking out of my head and on “paper” so I can see it.

*Would I like to write for money?  Absolutely.  


*Is that why I am doing it? Not so much.  

I write for enjoyment.  It is, truly, something I have found that I enjoy spending time doing.

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. ~Confucius***

I feel very blessed to be able to stay at home with my children, and learn a new skill.  I realize this isn’t a luxury everyone has.

Thank You, God, for giving me this opportunity.

Thank you, husband, for allowing me to seize the opportunity.


Day Three: I Blog Because…

I blog because:

  • It Is enjoyable.
  • I like to get all my thoughts out on “paper”.
  • I have learned some of my most useful information in simples passings or readings.  I hope to inspire others as well.
  • I am a bit shy, so it is MUCH easier to say what I want to say HERE.  Words get all jumbled when I talk out loud.  Although, this is getting better.
  • It’s good to look back at where I was in comparison to where I am now.
  • It’s a good way for family and friends to see what we are up to.
  • Blogging gives me some “me” time in this nuthouse.  😉

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Enjoy what you do; Do you what you enjoy!***


June 3 Log Line Challenge: Diamond


Hadly had been waiting many years for this moment, but as she said yes and Harrison slipped the ring on her finger, the unimaginable happened; she spotted her first real love standing in the distance, smiling that perfect smile at her.  Her emotions run wild in the coming months, leading up to the wedding; is the wedding the right thing to do?

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Sentence structure is important and I need to take a class.***