Decisions, Decisions

I can’t decide if I want to do July’s #wpad challenge.  I mean, I WANT to, but a lot of it is stuff that I have already answered in June’s Challenge.  Should I do it again anyways?

Day 1: What I write.

I write Daily Lessons.  Who am I to give lessons to the world??  Just me.  Little ol’ me.  Trying to get through life one day(ly lesson) at a time. 😉


See how catchy!??!  I don’t try and tell the world how to live; I just share my experiences, and how I have adjusted…  Take it or leave it!  😉

Feeling spunky this morning!

Seems I have begun the July #wpad


***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Do what you enjoy.  There will ALWAYS be someone else who  enjoys it, too!***



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