Favorite Books

I am always looking for new books to read.  I am a bit picky.  🙂

I thought I would list a few of MY favorites!  Feel free to comment with yours!  I might want to try them out!!!

The Bible

Harry Potter: All of them, of course.  😉 

Twilight: Sorry, I am a dork!  😉

Books: Snowflower and the Secret Fan

            Peony in Love

            Shanghai Girls

            Dreams of Joy (Next to read.)  By: Lisa See

The 4:8 Principle-The Secret to a Joy Filled Life By: Tommy Newberry

The 5 Love Languages By: Gary Chapman

Oh, and The Sookie Stackhouse Series By: Charlene Harris

Ok, now I feel a but ADD with my book selections!

I may add to this list if I think of more.  😉


***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Read! REad! REad!  You might learn something!!***

I look forward to seeing YOUR picks!

Katie: Hunger Games and the Gone to Green Series.