Day 30: This Month’s Achievement

There have been many achievement’s this month.  

One is having completed this challenge.  I missed only two days.  I had hoped to make them up, but having been in the middle of no where, with VERY limited internet, I feel like I did the best I could!  😉  I have enjoyed it VERY much, and I would encourage others to try out July’s challenge!  It gives a more diverse topic selection, and it brings in loads of new views and followers.

Having to write about something new each day has forced me outside of my usual comfort zone, and it has prompted me investigate subjects that I was unsure of.  It has been a great learning experience that I am grateful for!

Outside of the world of writing, I must say today was a big achievement.  I am DEFINITELY one of those “I’ll write it here but am WAAAY too shy to say it out loud” people.  I have been struggling with this my whole life.  I have been working on getting past this for the past few years.  

In May, I was baptized, and my husband and I joined our church.  I was petrified standing in front of the church. 


Today, we had VBS (vacation Bible school) training.  I am in charge of elementary school games (which scares me all by itself).  I was supposed to do a game demonstration.  EEK!  

Well, I DID IT!!  I did not completely freak out or freeze.  It probably wasn’t my BEST performance, but the 20-30 people in there were, by far, my largest audience EVER.  And I got through it without turning bright red!!!!!  


YAY ME!!!  

THIS is a HUGE accomplishment for me!  I am, now, not terrified of VBS, anymore!!  

June has been a GREAT month.  I am looking forward to seeing what July will bring next!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: We must break out of our shells!  Once we are out, we must STAY OUT!!!  There’s a WHOLE world out there waiting for us!!***




Day 27: How I Plan

I am a great planner.  I can work it it out so that, in my mind, I can get it ALL done!  Follow through and completion are different.  


For example: Today, I plan to clean the house a bit, grocery shop, finish cleaning the house, and start cleaning the car.  

–I should have started this already.  Instead, I sit here and talk to you!  😉


I need to write, also!  I PLAN to start a book soon, remember.  I need to start on my writing classes.  Perhaps, I will PLAN for those to start on Monday.  

In the my world I WANT to do my reading and writing daily.  In the real world I will PLAN to do it when school starts.

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Planning is GREAT!  We should definitely have goals, BUT don’t freak when LIFE gets in the way!***



Weekly Goals. C+ Students. And Cutting Yourself A Break.

Day 17: Routine

Summer is here, and we have two small children.  We are, also, not average parents.  These days, most parents have their kids on crazy good schedules.  Daily routines are of major importance…in most house holds…  


In our house, we are good if we get up eat meals at correct times and get to bed at the appropriate time.  😉  We do too much running around to make a routine work EVERYDAY.  If it turns out to be a nice day and it’s C’s nap time, we go to the park anyway.  He can sleep in the stroller!  No biggie.  

I will admit that this makes doing OTHER things harder.  Such as writing.  I cannot get into a writing routine.  We are running here there and everywhere this summer.  I TRY to write first thing when I wake up, and at night when the boys are winding down.  

My GOALS are to write during school this fall.  We signed both boys up for school.  That means I’ll have FOUR HOURS ALONE!   That hasn’t happened in almost four years!  I, of course, have 24,324,423 things I want to do in that four hours.  I will have to prioritize.  😉

This is what I WANT my writing routine to be:  Writing, in the quiet, while the boys are at school.  The end.

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Have fun.  Make sure you make time for everything you enjoy.   Life is VERY short.  We don’t have a LOT of time so PACK IT IN!!!***

wpadjune13-300x300 (1)

Day 16: Talent or Luck


I feel that at this point I have zero talent, but I do feel like, every once in a while, I get lucky and the words flow from my finger tips.  😉

Am I to the book writing stage yet??  Not even close.  I still have a hard time turning an idea into an entire STORY!!!  Given how much I talk, you would think I could fill 200+ pages without a problem!

This is why I would definitely say LUCK…  Working on the talent!

**REVISED** To piggyback off Mrs. Barrett-Moore, I would like to go back and explain luck. Luck doesn’t appear from nowhere. When I say “the words flow from my finger tips”, it is definitely God putting them there. I have found that, lately, a LOT of things come out, and I am not 100% sure where they come from! I am beginning to think, and am feeling VERY blessed, that God is speaking through me. –I just wanted to come back and give the credit where it was due. 😉 Thanks Elizabeth!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Work. Work. WOrk.  It does pay off! God helps those who help themselves.***