Day 22: Networking

Love it!

Not only does it give me the chance to spread my wings around the world blog wise, but I also get to “meet” all kinds of new people I would, probably, not otherwise get to meet!

Everyone out there has something new to share; something useful that I may not otherwise know. This challenge, for example, has forced me to delve deeper into aspects of writing had not, previously, thought about. The blogs from everyone else, on the same subjects, enlighten me when I have had no clue regarding the subjuct!


Hopefully, I have also helped someone out there!  😉

***MCCrazy DAily Lesson: Get out! Meet new people! Even if it is just on the internet! They will all have SOMETHING to offer us and us to them, as well!***

Day 21: Feedback

I can’t wait to get some!  😉 

So far, everyone says they love the blog.  I’m not sure if they are all just magnificent friends or the blog IS great! 

Admittedly, I am NOT good at taking negative feedback.  I do believe it is insanely important, though.  I will work on this, as well!

So, bring on the feedback, world!!!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Take all comments objectively.  They can and do help, but don’t get lost in the madness of other people’s thoughts about you.***

Day 20: Paper or Laptop



I used to make fun of people who sat around on there laptop in coffee shops and such (in a playing manner of course).  Now I LOVE mine! 

I love getting up, getting my coffee, and grabbing my laptop to blog! 

We are currently on “vacation” (in case you were wondering why I am in and out over the next few days…), and I FORGOT MY LAPTOP!!!   I am devastated…  

I love my “smartphone” and my Kindle, but there’s nothing like a good old fashioned keyboard!!!  😉  Everything I could need is right there! Dictionary, thesaurus, pictures, save button, DELETE, it’s all right there!

Although, I AM currently in the middle of you no where…  Like, no cell service, no 3G, and barely working internet, no where! 


SO, I may give paper a shot!  I’ll let you know if I change my mind.  😉

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Be open to all possibilities!  We never know when our flexibility will save us!!***