That Alligator Will Eat You!!!


New “get your three year old to do what you want” tactic.

While eating dinner tonight, Derek, of course, was messing around; not eating. A friend we had over says, “Do you know what we do to little boys who don’t listen where I come from? … We hang them up by their toes and feed them to the alligators.”

Derek stares blankly.


He takes a couple bites. He eyeballs the alligatorman. HE begins to mess around again.

Alligatorman says, “I have one out in my truck I can go get, if need be. Do you want to see a picture?”

Derek nods.

He searches “alligator” on google and clicks on one. He shows it to Derek.

Derek stares blankly (much like above). Derek turns and begins to shovel food into his mouth. He REFUSES to leave the table at this point for fear of the alligator eating him. He, periodically, eyeballs alligatorman and mumbles “alligator”, then he goes back to eating.


He later commenced to tossing chips at Carter instead of handing them to him. Alligatorman says, “Here, I’ll go get my alligator.”

Derek picks up the chips. Hands them to Carter, and climbs up on my lap. 🙂

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Three year olds seem to be frightened of alligators, and the possibility an alligator could eat them…use that…***