Bowing Out

I believe I am bowing out of the Log Line Challenge.  I think that I have taken on too much, and I have been rushing through all of the blogging to be able to get it done in a timely fashion.  I would rather do less and write better.  

I do have these two small people here daily, and a big person to take care of as well, ya know!? 🙂

Seemed like fun; maybe another month.  😉

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Don’t bite off more than you can chew.  You might choke!***

(buahahahahaha)  😉

June 3 Log Line Challenge: Diamond


Hadly had been waiting many years for this moment, but as she said yes and Harrison slipped the ring on her finger, the unimaginable happened; she spotted her first real love standing in the distance, smiling that perfect smile at her.  Her emotions run wild in the coming months, leading up to the wedding; is the wedding the right thing to do?

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Sentence structure is important and I need to take a class.***

Day 2 Log Line Challenge: Hidden

The crew had been sailing, for what seemed like months, looking for the island; they finally found it, and they were ready to take what was theirs.  No matter the cost.


***McCrazy DAily Lesson: “A logline is a one-sentence summary of your script. It’s the short blurb in TV guides that tells you what a movie is about and helps you decide if you’re interested in seeing it. It’s the grabber that excites your interest.”***



Day 1 Log Line Challenge: Shell

Snoggle and Snaggle Liliputian live in a small snail shell at the end of Lillian Valley Court in Lilipute; along with their two children Toggle and Taggle.    

The Liliputian family are very small folk.  (They would have to be to live in a snail shell!)  They have horn shaped heads and short arms and legs.  They are very happy little folk, and they are always kind to others!

Mr. and Mrs Liliputian have been  married for many years.  When they have time off from working in the family business, The Liliputian Family Bakery, they enjoy seeking out new adventures with the family.  As a matter of fast the just returned from an adventure in Oyster Shell Valley!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Be sure and watch for more!!**