My New Journey

Hello McCrazy Followers!  ❤

It has been forever, I know, but I have not ever forgotten about you!

My oldest child and school do not mix.  It has been a rough couple of years…kindergarten and first grade…  It may not be as bad as I think, but I have been demanding the best he can do from him, and I am just not convinced he is giving it.  First grade is almost over, thank The Lord, and we will give it another shot in second grade!  (Or not, we may home school.  I am sure that will prompt a whole new series of blogging…lol)  So, that has been consuming a ton of my time.

The second child turned five, today.  I am not thrilled about this.  He, however, could not be more excited.  Kindergarten, here he comes! ❤

The baby is not a baby.  She turned two, last month.  *SIGH*  She’s a great big, old smarty pants…  Way too big for her pants.

We are planning a fantastic big trip to Texas, to visit a friend, in July.  We have been planning a while, but my, more than fabulous, husband reserved our camping spots this morning, so things are getting real!  😉

And now here is the BIG news!  When we get back from Texas, it should be just about time for me to “onboard” with LULAROE!!  I am much, much more than excited about this.  I have never been a big shopper, but Lularoe has given me a shopping happiness that I have never known.  PLUS, the company is fabulous.  They rely a lot on faith and spend a LOT of time talking about how we can bless others with our businesses.  Most of the clothing is made in the USA, but the stuff that is not is made in factories with great working conditions, creating jobs not just for the good ol’ US of A, but for others around the world who may not have a good job, otherwise=blessing others.

A big topic is our WHY.  I have been working a lot on my why.  I have MANY why’s…haha.

One why is….my family, of course.  🙂  I got a part time Care Manager job last year.  It is the first job I’ve had since I had my oldest in 2009.

I love being at home with my babies.  I love taking them to school, and being here when they get home, but we are now three deep and they become busy critters as they grow.  My job is fantastic and it pays well, but to be able to bring in more income for my family, I would have to be out of the house more.  I am out one day, as of now, and a few hours here and there, but the thought of even one more full day seems agonizing.  I know a lot mom’s work 5 days a week, and I applaud them.  I had planned to, but now, it’s just not in my cards…lol.

Anywho…my WHY…  I want to be able to provide my family with extra income and not lose baby time.  The kids are even excited…  My six year old boy asked me the other day when I was going to get all of my clothes…lol.

And who doesn’t want to play dress up, with these fabulous clothes, every day?!?  (This coming from the chick who wasn’t a girl until she was like 15…lol)

Another why is because I am TOTALLY excited to be the one who makes someone’s day.  I want to open my boxes of goodies, online, so everyone can be excited with me.  I want to throw the random chick at the hospital some leggings when she tells her friend she has GOT to get some as I walk by.  I’ve always enjoyed giving, and to me, this is like a year round Christmas!  The boxes of surprises come to me, and I get to share them with the world!  Well, part of it.  😉

Some of the styles:


The leggings are the most fantastic things on the planet.  I was not really a leggings type of chick prior to these.  Now, I wear them, almost, everyday…the other days I ‘ wearing a Lularoe skirt dress.  😉  They have kids, and tween, leggings, as well.  Mommy and me sets.  My boys LOVE them.

The polka dot piece is a Cassie skirt.  It can be worn as a skirt, top, or scarf.

The grey and black striped piece is an Irma tunic. ❤

The beach picture is a Maxi Skirt.  It can also be a dress…and many, many more things.  To see other styles, or other ways to wear all the styles, join my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Perisope.  🙂

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Have a happy summer, all!  And, if I don’t get back soon, Be Nice to Each Other!  ❤

In the mean time, I would LOVE to hear about what you have been up to! ❤