Early Morning

It has been a nice morning!   And it’s only 8am!!

It didn’t start great.  I woke up when my husband did; at 430am.  This is normal, but what wasn’t normal was I couldn’t get back to sleep.  :-/  I tossed and turned and thought.  I’m trying to figure out what the best approach will be to clean out and sell my childhood home.  It’s a LOT to think about.  However, I think I came up with a game plan.  After doing that, I felt much better.  

Still no sleep though.  😉

So, I got up, showered, cleaned the downstairs (since my babies are sleeping upstairs), and caught up on my reading for my Tuesday morning Bible study.  🙂



Man, oh man;  after doing my reading I felt WAAAAY better!  Something about the God thing in the morning that gets the day started right!

Now, if I could implement this waking early business into my daily routine I’d be golden!  I SO love my snuggles though! 

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Get up with God.  It starts the day off much better.  It’s a proven fact!***  😉