What I Will Not Blog About

I will not blog about my two-year-old flipping out of the cart at Wal MArt today, AND cutting his head open.

Today’s lesson will not be:

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Even though you know your child can understand you, it doesn’t mean he will ALWAYS listen.  He gets the bag when you ask; he puts things in the trash when you ask; he even puts his dishes on the counter for you.  None of this means that when he sees a delicious snack in the middle of an aisle, he will not launch out and over the side of the cart.  Yes, you have told him to be careful because he doesn’t want to fall and get hurt.  THIS is the one time he hears, probably even understands, but OH!  It is SOOOO worth it!!

Tie Him In!***

Have a GREAT Sunday all!!

(Yes, he is fine.  😉


The Orange Folder


Today, I asked my son if he missed going to school.  He mumbled and grumbled for a minute, and then he said, “I miss my folder”. 

Oh, that folder…  That folder comes home with many wonder, completed works in it.  That folder comes home with fun homework in it.  That folder also comes home with stickers in it.  One each day.

Green=Good Day
Yellow=Semi-Good Day
Red=Bad Day

Granted, we only had to experience the rath of one red sticker…  We had waaaay too many yellow.  Too many for my taste anyway. 

That folder was a three way love/hate relationship!

However, I am excited to see what the new school year (and folder) will bring!!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Don’t take the little things for granted!!***