Why Can’t Little Girls Dream?

When I was little, I dreamt of having my very own prince charming. I thought of how wonderful it would be to have someone fight evil for me, and bring me back to life with a KISS if ever I were in peril!!! I thought a fairytale wedding and a handsome man who cared for me would be amazing. And before you say it, none of this is due to Daddy issues… My Dad was absolutely amazing.

I was raised to be a strong woman who could do for herself, but who could also be with another human and work through life, together. A woman who could support a man in what he does, and also tell him hush when it’s necessary. (Love you, Husband.) I pray this is what we are able to teach to our daughter.

I quit college and ran off to marry a man I had only met IN PERSON…5/7 times, I think it was…when I was 20. Everyone thought I had lost my mind. However, After moving across the country, I went back to school, and am currently a (non-working) LPN.

Now, if someone had told me I couldn’t dream, changed my dreams, or had instructed me on what THEY thought proper womanhood was, I may not be where I am, today. I completed school. I have been married to Prince Charming for 16 years. We have three amazing children whom I have chosen to stay at home with. I’m not sure if you noticed, but the three children were nowhere in the childhood dreams. I had NO desire for children. Not adopted ones. Not birthed ones. NONE. They were terribly annoying, even when I was one. But…things change.

In a world full of chaos, why not let little girls dream?

Our daughter, Evelyn, plays ALL day. She has 1200 horses and all the things to go with. She’s gotten horses for her birthday and Christmas for the last three years. She LOVES them. She sets them up, and she plays out any scenario she can think of. She also likes to have “skateboard lessons” for her stuffed animals with her brother. She likes to race both of her brothers on foot and on her bike/scooter. She likes to read princess books, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Not too long ago, she went through a phase when she was spying the kissy pages on her princess books…. All at once. Laid out on her bed.

On the other hand, per her, SHE will NOT be kissing boys, and she wants to adopt ALL the babies who don’t have homes. What an amazing little girl.

In our home, we try to support any type of imaginary play the kids can come up with. It’s where learning, dreams, and genius begin! I had someone ask me the other day “what do your kids do then?” when I told them that we did not have cable.

They play??

This big old world is FULL of not so amazing things. Our children will have to deal with a lot of unhappiness and tragedy before their lives are over. Why not let them dream amazing dreams, whatever they may be, while they can! All I pray for is that they will be happy and successful in ways that make God happy. And not successful as in millionaires, but successful as in that they are able to complete whatever goals they set out before themselves.

I hope that they have families to love and laugh with for years long after their father and I are gone. And, for Evelyn, if that includes marrying a guy she just met (cue handsome Prince…on a horse…it’s all making sense, now…the horse will suck her in…) who she believes can give her the world, so be it. There is no reason that little girls cannot dream big, fairy tale dreams. Now, as I said, She isn’t kissing boys, and plans to adopt all the babies. BUT, it could change, and who am I to tell her what her dreams are?

Maybe we should worry a little less about the harmless, childhood dreams our children are having, and just be thankful that they are dreaming. Our job is to teach our children to be safe and smart and good humans, but there will come a time when all we have left to do for them is pray. Pray for their safety. Pray that we did a good job raising them. Pray that they are smart, healthy, and happy. I know it completely freaked my dad out when I ran off and got married. He had only met my husband ONCE. We moved from West Virginia to California six months later. I am sure he prayed a LOT.

In the age of technology, I thank God my children dream happy and fun dreams. And in a world where SO many people want to tell little girls who and what they should be, I am especially thankful that Evelyn dreams.


True Story: My Life

“A day in your life threw your eyes… How do you accomplish everything that you do and still remain somewhat ‘normal’…”

That was it! The only response. So, now you have to read it!

Let’s break it up into three parts, shall we??

Part One: “A day in your life threw your eyes…”

Wake up 4:30am (when my husband’s alarm goes off). Sometimes I roll over and go back to sleep; sometimes I get up, and I go talk to him while he gets ready to head out. Sometimes I can’t get back to sleep so I read or blog. 😉

My alarm goes off at 7:00am. I may, or I may not get up. 😉 The kids are usually in my room by 7:30am. Baby snuggle buddies are the BEST!! This, of course, makes it even HARDER to get out of bed…

On a normal day we get up, shower, eat, and get school lunch ready. Then, we drop the Big Man at school. The baby and I then run errands, clean, or lay around. 🙂 It all just depends on what needs to be done and how I feel that day.

We go to school pick up, and then we head home (or to the Botanical Gardens, park or beach). More playing is usually involved.

We start fixing dinner before Daddy gets home, so it’s ready when Daddy gets here (this is on an ideal day…not EVERY day).

Daddy comes home; we eat; we hang out for a while. Then, it’s bath and bed for the boys. The old folks (the husband and I) may stay up for a LITTLE while to hang out, but normally we head to bed shortly after the boys to watch TV there… We are often asleep by 10ish. I know it’s sad, but we are getting old!!!

Add a couple church visits in there a couple times a week… A ship visit, if we are lucky, on duty days; the boys LOVE that. And as I explained in a previous blog, Saturdays are becoming Bass Pro Shop days. 🙂

Part Two: “How do you accomplish everything that you do…”

It’s nothing special. Just, having fun with the kids; TRYING to keep the house decent; loving my family. 🙂 If it means I have to mow the grass, take out the trash, host 10 extra kids, or paint the house myself to make them happen, THEN SO BE IT!!!! 🙂

I guess the real QUESTION was how do I get everything done though… I usually don’t. 🙂 I do what I can, and I leave the rest for tomorrow.

(Goes along nicely! http://beyondblessedblog.com/2013/05/31/a-little-jesus/)

Part Three: “…and still remain somewhat ‘normal’…”

We really enjoy getting out and having fun. I do my best to make sure we have time to do that. I love my babies and my Sailor. Ship duty is a real bummer after, having him on land for 3 1/2 years, so we HAVE to make the best out of the time we have. 🙂

I remain “somewhat ‘normal'” because these are all things I WANT to do. It goes back to previous blogs about CHOOSING to make your life happy and joy-filled. I don’t ALWAYS want to take out the trash and mow the grass, but if it means when Daddy gets home he gets more time to play with the boys, or if it means we get to go out and do something fun together, it’s WELL worth it!!!

I prioritize what my main goals are, (to go to the beach, or to go to the movies with ALL my boys) and then I figure out the steps to get that goal. I don’t look at them as chores; I look at them as stepping stones to my fun time!!

If you are focusing on the ultimate happy goal; the in between stuff is a lot less taxing. 😉 Therefore, it leaves you “somewhat ‘normal'”. (As opposed to being annoyed with the in between, because you can’t see the ultimate happy goal. Thus, leaving you crazy and/or aggravated.)

I’ve begun to rant so I must go now. 🙂

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Work hard, but also, PLAY HARD!! There has to be BOTH. Also, be sure to use your work and play time WISELY. 😉 ***

Now, I’m off to finish cleaning and shampoo the carpets, (so when the husband gets home tomorrow we can have a fun-filled THREE DAY weekend without worrying about the junk). 😉