Book Club

I started a book club!  Just decided, the other night, and did it.  I do believe we have a few participants, and we have chosen “The Book Thief” as our book.

I can honestly say I’ve never even been in a book club, much less “led” one, so any pointers are welcomed…lol  I am VERY excited about this, though, and I think it will be a lot of fun.  🙂

Yay, for enlightening our minds, and becoming more well rounded!

New Year, Dirty House?

So far, I am doing well with all my goals.  I have done more of my workout videos in the last week, than I did the whole month of December.  I, EVEN, became an official Beach Body Coach!  😉  Love, Love, Love my shakes and my get fit video!  Don’t be surprised if a THIRD blog pops up.  😉

I have been contemplating our garden.  It is not NEARLY big enough to make enough food to can, but we could at least eat well all summer.  I just need to optimize space and get it going!

I have, definitely, been reading AND blogging more.  I, finally, started “Dreams of Joy”.  I have been wanting to read it forever….LOVE Lisa See!  It is as awesome, so far, as I thought it would be. 🙂  We will, also, be starting a new book at church next Tuesday, “Bad Girls of the Bible“.  I will, definitely, update you on that book as soon as I start it!  🙂

I have been writing a lot in my other blog: Voyage Towards Up.  I missed you all, though, and I wanted to stop in and say HELLO!

The kids are doing great. 🙂  They are so smart, and I can honestly say my patience with their “not smart actions” is getting better.  Day by Day…


The problem that I have found with all the “bettering me” stuff is that it is worsening the house! I am making time for the things I want to accomplish, but now the house looks like this on a pretty constant basis!


If anyone out there has a plan to remedy this, PLEASE help!  😉

***McCrazy Daily Lessons: Prioritize…the rest will all work out??***


Day 28: Daily Read

The First Place Award for my daily read goes to…..(drum roll)….. my “Reader”.  That is definitely the closes thing I have to a “daily” read.  Second Place would be my Bible.  Yes, I do believe it should be first, and I am working on it.

Since I do try to blog daily (at least), I find myself checking out everyone else’s stuff, also.  It’s kind of like my information center.  I do not read the newspaper.  I do not look up things and “surf” the internet, very much.  So, I search keywords on here, and I see what everyone else is doing from there.  


This probably limits my knowledge of the world, but oh well.   I do catch up a few times a months by watching Fox News.  😉  (I love watching Bill and Hannity!)  

Now I’ve gone waaaaaaay off subject!  😉  Back to business.

I do believe the Bible should be my daily read, and sometimes it is!  Then, sometimes it’s my every 3rd day read.  :-/  I realized this morning I hadn’t been to church in two weeks already, and I am really missing it.  I need to work on keeping my Bible as my front read in times like this.  You would never believe how much daily living information is in there.  If you have a question, God has an answer!  I was always told that as a child, and after completing my nine month Bible study, I have seen it with my two, very own eyes!!  


So, in conclusion…  I have rambled and rambled.  I hope at least a bit of it makes sense.  😉  (lol)  I read what you are telling me here, and I read what God tells me.  Take that as you may.  🙂

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Pick up a book and read!  Your Bible is a GREAT starting.  If not, read McCrazy Daily Lessons!!***





Favorite Books

I am always looking for new books to read.  I am a bit picky.  🙂

I thought I would list a few of MY favorites!  Feel free to comment with yours!  I might want to try them out!!!

The Bible

Harry Potter: All of them, of course.  😉 

Twilight: Sorry, I am a dork!  😉

Books: Snowflower and the Secret Fan

            Peony in Love

            Shanghai Girls

            Dreams of Joy (Next to read.)  By: Lisa See

The 4:8 Principle-The Secret to a Joy Filled Life By: Tommy Newberry

The 5 Love Languages By: Gary Chapman

Oh, and The Sookie Stackhouse Series By: Charlene Harris

Ok, now I feel a but ADD with my book selections!

I may add to this list if I think of more.  😉


***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Read! REad! REad!  You might learn something!!***

I look forward to seeing YOUR picks!

Katie: Hunger Games and the Gone to Green Series.